Confessions of an AirBnB SuperHost


Muyang’s review: “Sam and Katie are great hosts! And their duet is beautiful (Sam is a very good guitar player)! Lovely beach and close to Northwestern University! I really enjoyed my stay. You are a sweet couple! I really love your music!”

What is Airbnb?

Sam and I signed up to be Airbnb hosts back in 2015,  a service that allows hosts to accept guests into their home for a predetermined amount of time, in exchange for a warm place to sleep, and a restroom, as well as optional access to the kitchen and other amenities dependent on the place you stay.


We have met strangers that have become friends from all across the world!


Hosting with Airbnb is a service that welcomes strangers into our home for one night….or for the case of our first guest and newfound friend, a full month’s stay (or longer)!

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Make your carry on a useful time capsule wardrobe for Europe

You can totally travel Europe on a budget, and packing light is the first step. Have you ever heard of a time capsule wardrobe?

A time capsule wardrobe involves picking one unified color scheme, with one or two accent colors, and theming all your clothing so you can mix and match!

The first thing I do when I plan for a long summer getaway is to check out Pinterest for their recommended outfits.

Here’s a link to my Pinterest board for items you can buy right now that match my recommendations for a breezy European holiday.

Sam and I spent 4 weeks across Europe with 1 carry on bag each.

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3 travel hacks will make you conquer your travel nerves

Flight delays. Less than stellar hotel rooms. Hockers holding their products right in your face while shouting at you. There are some inconveniences everyone can expect when traveling abroad and experiencing new cultures.  Here’s how we’ve made the best of unfortunate situations that tourists experience while traveling abroad.  Flight delays When our international flight first … Continue reading 3 travel hacks will make you conquer your travel nerves