If you can’t decide on breakfast…

No one says that the early hours are primo decision making time – the grogginess of sleep still with you, you stare at the fridge hoping something, anything (edible) will jump out at you.

Here are some go-to’s of mine, that hopefully will brighten your morning with some quick and easy choices. Every since I stopped eating meat at age 16, I’ve had my ear tuned towards health conscious eating. The following foodie options are labelled gluten free, dairy free, and meat-free if that’s your thing.

Passionfruit Blueberry Smoothie

Platanos maduros, vegan sausages, and starch

Coconut Smoothie Bowl

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I’m falling in love with this place. We’ve taken our time settling in, finding furniture, finding our creative passions. Sam started school yesterday, a proper 3rd grade teacher. It’s encouraging to see him thrive in a place of leadership, where his mentorship to little boys and girls will make a positive difference in the future … Continue reading

Sam and I have settled into a new home by doing what feels best; we are creating. Build It Sam, a self-described moniker, has his new project. We wanted a bar top table to match in height to our island, big enough that we could pull out to entertain guests, but with Sam’s special eye … Continue reading